Faculty Introduction

Dear Faculty Recruiter,

I am an experienced educator, and I currently teach English Literature, Composition and Communication courses at Grand Canyon University and Regent University. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities (European Studies and English Literature), a Master’s degree in English Literature, and a PhD in Communication. My goal is to secure a full-time instructor position where I can use my skills and experience to motivate and to mentor students. In addition to my present roles in teaching, I have significant experience working within the IT and Marketing/Communication fields.

As an innovative teacher, my approach to instruction includes heavy use of technology in the classroom along with student and group centered activities. My philosophy of education stresses the need for learner responsibility, encourages critical thinking, and builds critical analysis through a structured pedagogy focused on class discussion. My students are my top priority, and I work closely with each student to help them perform well in class. My desire is to address key deficiencies while empowering them to think laterally in order to achieve academic success.

I am currently living in Phoenix, but I am willing to relocate for the right opportunity. If you have an opening at your school that needs a dynamic, innovative, and creative educator, please contact me soon. I am open to teaching on campus or online or as the need arise. Thank you for your time and attention to my resume.


Carol E. Hepburn
Phoenix, AZ USA