The Role of Computer-mediated Communication on the Formation of Organizational Identity in Megachurch Websites: A Content Analysis

This proposal is motivated by four research questions: (1) What role does mediated communication play in the ministry of the American megachurch? (2) How do megachurches use mediated communication to support their mission and vision? (3) How does this mediated communication support the creation and maintenance of organizational identity? And, (4) How does mediated communication support the megachurch model? Using a mixed methods approach, I will conduct a quantitative and qualitative content analysis on nine urban megachurch websites. This research will explore the communicative practices of American megachurches, specifically by studying how megachurches communicate organizational identity through mediated contexts. The findings, results, and future research will be discussed upon completion of the research study.

Keywords: organizational communication, organizational identity, megachurch, web 2.0, mediated communication