Intergenerational Communication and Digital Media

I wrote a critical paper on The Influence of Popular Culture, Postmodernism and Digital Media On Communicative Practices within the Church for a Family Communication Seminar at Regent University in Spring 2014.


The purpose of this paper is to examine family communication in the church and to focus specifically on the influences of popular culture and postmodernism as they relate to communicative practices. Within this context, themes including digital media use, the role of technology, and their use in the congregation will be explored. Furthermore, thorough examination of the relevant literature along with suggestions for further research and discussion is included. This paper, however, seeks to understand how popular culture, postmodernism, and digital media influence the communicative practices within the Church. Questions inherent in the discussion include ways to enhance corporate communication (internally and externally) as well as ways in which the Church can remediate the negative impact of popular culture without disenfranchising members along generational divides.