Family Communication and Storytelling

I wrote a project proposal entitled, Family Communication and Storytelling, for a Family Communication Seminar at Regent University in Spring 2014.

Proposal Abstract

Storytelling or the act of telling stories is something that is universally appealing to people of all ages and cultures. Story can be used for sharing the Gospel message, to communicate God’s love for his children, and to connect personally with family and friends. Moreover, storytelling is something that anyone can do, and with the variety of digital media and technology tools available for free or at low cost, individuals and families can write their own stories, and share them via the Internet or other technology (DVD, for example).

This proposal, therefore, seeks to encourage the use of story as personal narrative and for understanding and applying biblical truth in a church setting. The focus of this proposal is to demonstrate how storytelling can be used to create connections, personally and corporately, within the local church. This proposal is grounded on several factors: first, current research has shown the positive impact story has on all ages, not only to educate, but to inspire and to connect family and community. Second, storytelling is something all human beings can do – we all can tell stories and we can all listen to stories. Third, the church can use the power of storytelling and stories to help share the message of the Gospel, to minister to those in need, and to build up the Body of Christ. Storytelling is all about making connections, and the church can use storytelling to help connect individuals and families to each other and to their local church community. This proposal includes suggestions for conducting a storytelling workshop series as well as suggestions on how to incorporate personal stories on the church website,